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Please allow 72 hour notice for all surf lessons. Availability may be delayed during the off season. If you need a lessons sooner, please call or text (714) 330-3350

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Disclaimer: This release limits your rights to recover any damages in case of an accident. In consideration of your acceptance of my application form, I intending to be
legally bound, hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, hold harmless and release Salty Grom Surf Camp, U.S. Government, the City and County governments concerned, the State of California, their members and agents, any officials or employees connected wih this school and any sponsor of Salty Grom Surf Camp from any responsibility or liability or any injury or property damage arising from my or my child's participation in Salty Grom Surf Camp. In addition, I certify that I or my child is qualified to swim in the ocean and understand that any violation of rules set forth by "Rules of the Beach" on my part or on the part of my child will be due cause for me or my child's immediate dismissal from this school with no refund. I also understand that any deposit and/or tuition are not refundable. I acknowledge that I have read and understand all of the above.
In addition, all pictures taken at camp can be used to promote camp through advertising. Salty Grom Surf Camp may share your email address with Billabong and other camp sponsors for marketing purposes and to provide you with the latest promotional information about their products and services. Other than your email address, Salty Grom Surf Camp does not share any other personal identifying information with camp sponsors. In the event of a beach closure, all water activities will be restricted until the State Park authorities provide the camp management with the clear to re-enter the water.

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